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Accra named 7th most polluted city in the World

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Data from the World of Statistics has mentioned Accra, Ghana’s capital, as the seventh most polluted city in the world.

This was contained in a Twitter post by the Institution.

According to the ranking, Accra comes below Dakan, the capital of Bangladesh, which placed sixth, and above Noida in India, which placed eighth.

Napal’s Kathmandu came first in the ranking, with Helsinki in Finland coming in as the least populated city in the world.

However, it is unclear what metrics the World of Statistics used to arrive at these rankings.

Below is how the countries were ranked from the first to the tenth around the world:

1. Kathmandu
2. Tetovo
3. Faridabad
4. Ulaanbaatar
5. Beirut
6. Dhaka
7. Accra
8. Noida
9. Ho Chi Minh City
10. Ghaziabad

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