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All the best – Current Guinness Record Holder Lata Tondon sends support to Hilda Baci in attempt to break her cooking record

Hilda Baci

Lata Tondon wishes Hilda Baci the “best” as she attempts to break Guinness Records.

Nigerians have been in a frenzy for some days now as they show their support for Hilda Baci who is attempting to break the Guinness record for the longest time cooking.

The current holder of the world record for the longest time spent cooking, Lata Tondon is also showing her support as she sends her best wishes to Hilda Bassey.

In an Instagram post, the Indian Chef wrote:

“All the best Hilda. Hope to see you on the official site of the Guinness Book Of World Record soon!!!”

The record of cooking for the longest time, which was previously held only by men, has now been broken by Lata – the first woman to achieve this feat. In 2019, she cooked non-stop for 87 hours and 45 minutes, surpassing the previous record by 20 hours.

Currently, Hilda is making progress towards surpassing Lata’s achievement and breaking the Guinness World Record for the longest individual cooking time.

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