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Delivering food in the US was not a ‘yawa’ thing to do – Rapper EL

When Ghanaian rapper EL opened up about taking a job as a food delivery man in the United States, many assumed that he had gone broke considering his long break from the music industry.

That was never the case as the rapper insists that money has never been a problem for him but rather keeping his mind and hands busy.

“I loved it, look, it’s a different world out there. You know, perception is everything. People perceive delivering food to be a ‘yawa’ thing. I know a bank manager who lives in Philadelphia. He was actually like my manager, he delivered food,” EL disclosed in an interview with Sika Osei released in May 2023.

EL narrated how persons who deliver food abroad are able to make a decent income daily, one that can pass for a monthly salary of a Ghanaian worker.

“It is a hustle and the secret to wealth creation is to have as many hustles as much as you can….you are making probably somebody’s salary in a day…you make upwards of $100 a day so why will I let that just go because I want to flex, I feel like a celebrity…I have no insufficient funds problem. My problem is keeping my brain occupied,” he noted.

He again highlighted how that brought him joy due to the fact that he couldn’t live a normal life considering his status as a well-known personality in Ghana.

“Not even once was I recognized and that is what I loved about it. I am going to store, pick up food, you have genuine human interaction. I don’t know if any celebrity misses that but I did…I used to tell my old management ‘look at what you have done to me, I can’t even go to the Mall’. So for me to just be, walk in my slippers, move around, It was just a nice familiar feeling to me,” EL opened up.

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