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Fantana praises God for new body, denies undergoing any plastic procedure

Ghanaian female musician, Fantana has spoken out about rumours that she has had plastic surgery to enhance her body.

In an interview with Abeiku Santana, she stated that her body is the result of natural growth and that she has not had any plastic surgery.

“My body is like this because I am growing, I am growing up. Shout out to God. I am not going to look the same as when I was when I was twenty years old,” Fantana said.

Fantana went on to explain that her body has developed naturally over time and that she has not had any body enhancements.

“I just started developing, you know. How is this a body enhancement, it’s God. You don’t have evidence of me going under the knife, you have evidence of me growing up,” she added.

However, in a previous interview conducted in 2022 with blogger Zionfelix, Fantana confirmed that she had indeed undergone plastic surgery despite already having a nice body.

She stated that, “I have made myself look like what I want and what I feel I want to look like. I would never tell a girl not to do it. If you don’t like something about yourself, and you have the money to change it, you should just change it. I just fixed it. It was nice; I just enhanced it more.”

When asked if she would consider undergoing a procedure in Ghana, Fantana acknowledged her privileged upbringing in America and revealed that if she wished to alter her body further, she would travel to America.


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