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“It wasn’t me in the video”- Shugatiti finally opens up on pono clip which she shared on Snapchat and later deleted

Shugatiti has stated that the viral sex video that she shared on her Snapchat and later deleted after it had caused an uproar on social media is not her.

In the name of trend, Shugatiti shared her own sex video on her Snapchat and later deleted it after getting the attention she wanted.

In the video, Shugatiti can be seen receiving a deadly doggy which can make even Mia Khalifa collapse after the session.

Apparently, the serial nudist successfully took over social media trends with the video at that time.

The sex video gave birth to a hot conversation piece on the internet – With thousands of netizens sharing contrasting opinions.

Well, in Shugatiti’s latest interview with Zionfelix, she blatantly denied that she was the one in the video.

According to her, she has never shot any intimate video of herself in the room or any place to talk of uploading it.

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