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Our salary is below GH¢2,000 so we’ll keep travelling – Registered Midwives

The Greater Accra Regional Chairperson for Registered Midwives, Madam Leticia Asaba Atia, has lamented the poor remuneration Ghanaian midwives and nurses receive for their work.


She stated that despite the restrictions imposed by the United Kingdom on Ghana, midwives and nurses are needed in the UK and will continue to travel abroad in search of better opportunities.


She revealed on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm’s Frontline that no midwife plans to travel abroad, but the poor working conditions here are a factor.


If they give us better working conditions, we will stay and work in Ghana. But if the situation does not improve, we will continue to travel abroad in search of better opportunities.”


She added that “sometimes it is not just about the money but where you work. Some facilities lack basic medical equipment, and that is making the delivery of quality healthcare difficult”.


So, if I get an opportunity to work as a baby nurse in the UK to take more than what I take in Ghana as a midwife, why won’t I go there?”



The conditions of service are not good. If the conditions of service are good, our nurses and midwives will not go.”


When asked if midwives were leaving Ghana, she answered in the affirmative.

In terms of the salary, she said they receive below GH¢2,000 and those who receive more than GH¢2,000 don’t get up to GH¢3,000.

“A midwife earns between GH¢1,500 and GH¢1,800 per month. It does not reach GH¢2,000. As a result, some are working in both public and private hospitals to make ends meet. I had the opportunity to travel abroad but turned it down due to my age. If I had been younger, I would have gone abroad in search of better opportunities.”

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