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Popular Occult and Ritualist Finally Surrenders

Ritualist Repents

Mr. Thomas Padi, a popular occult and ritualist has confessed and given his life to Christ according to the official Facebook page of the Church of Pentecost Ghana.

The man who has gone through serious heart attack claimed his is as an involver of blood money rituals which made him one of the greatest Occultic Billionaires in Ghana.

He was very popular in his community because of his wealth.

His Confession and Surrender to Jesus Christ followed after he could not bear the pains from the consistent and serious heart attack.

Due to the severity of the spiritual disease which was due to his occultism practice, his grandmother Christiana Dedenyo convinced and took him to the Pentecost Church mission house at Ahomahomasu for prayer and deliverance.

Through the prayers, the tormented young man was delivered from the attacks. Since then, the chronic heart attack ceased. Thomas Padi then surrendered his life to Jesus Christ as his master Lord and saviour.

After the confession and intercession prayers, he brought all his occultism charms, papers which he usually turned into money and other idols for burning.

The Pentecost Church is deeply happy about this development for winning a soul for Jesus Christ and all glory goes to God.

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