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Still Dada Noaa – Video Of Abena Korkor Smoking Hard Drugs Stirs Mixed Reactions

The return of Abena Korkor to social media has gone about as predictably as one would expect, and the bipolar activist is now smoking hard drugs online.

A new video of Abena Korkor has surfaced online in which she’s seen smoking to her heart’s content.

Korkor has managed to do every shocking thing she normally does but just at a faster rate this time.

Following her return to social media after a long hiatus, fans were glad she looked slim and fit and displayed no drama.

However, within a few days Korkor was back recording semi-nde videos. She even spoke about her list over the weekend and had gone practically nde in subsequent videos.

Now, Korkor has shared a video smoking which has left netizens shocked.

Reacting, one fan said: “Still daadaa naaaa😮😮😮😮,”

Another netizen said: “I thought she has changed ooooh😮😢

Watch Abena Korkor smoking below…

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