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The concept of Piesie Esther’s ‘Wayɛ Me Yie’ video was taken from Shatta Wale’s ‘Gringo’ – Bullgod alleges


Artiste manager BullGod, of Bullhaus Entertainment, has called out Piesie Esther for the lack of originality in the music video for her hit song ‘Wayɛ Me Yie’.

BullGod who was a guest on TV3 New Day on Friday, May 12 criticized the lack of originality in the video’s concept, suggesting that it was heavily influenced by Shatta Wale’s ‘Gringo’, which ultimately affected its chances of winning the Best Music Video award.

During the discussion, BullGod raised concerns about the similarities between Piesie Esther’s ‘Wayɛ Me Yie’ video and Shatta Wale’s ‘Gringo’.

He expressed disappointment at what he perceived as a lack of originality, stating that the concept was borrowed from Shatta Wale’s video without adding any unique elements of its own.

“That video is plagiarism, I told you that video was taken from Shatta Wale’s Gringo, go and look at the Gringo video. There’s no originality in that video, it’s the same video. How do you expect to win with such a video??” he quizzed.

BullGod further went on to say that if she had won, Charterhouse would have to return it to the ‘original winner’.

“We are looking for originality in the art. If the person is not original in whatever they delivered how do you award them?? Go and watch the two videos,” he instructed

His remarks have sparked discussions online about the significance of creativity and innovation in music videos with many industry professionals and fans also expressing their views on the matter.

“She might have spent a lot of money on the video but it wasn’t original,” he hammered

Music videos serve as a powerful medium for artists to enhance their songs, tell stories, and showcase their creativity hence why most pundits are keen on it.

Piesie Esther in an earlier interview on the same platform had revealed that she felt disappointed for not winning Video of The Year.

The award went to Black Sherif’s Konongo Zongo on the night which pundits have described as a ‘well-executed video’.

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