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4 businesses owned by Jamie Foxx you probably didn’t know

Jamie Foxx

Jamie Foxx is a multi-talented entertainer who has made a name for himself in music, film, and television. He was born Eric Marlon Bishop on December 13, 1967, in Terrell, Texas.

He began playing piano at the age of five and later attended United States International University on a classical piano scholarship. However, his true passion was comedy, and he began performing at open mic nights in Los Angeles.

Foxx‘s big break came in 1991 when he was cast in the sketch comedy series, “In Living Color.” He quickly became a fan favorite and was known for his impressions of celebrities such as Michael Jackson and Bill Cosby. Foxx’s career took off from there, and he went on to star in numerous films and TV shows, including “Ray,” for which he won an Academy Award for Best Actor. Foxx has also won Grammy Awards for his music and has released several successful albums. With his impressive talent and charisma, Jamie Foxx has become one of the most beloved and respected entertainers of our time.

However, what many people may not know is that he is also a successful entrepreneur who has ventured into various business ventures over the years. Here, we take a look at four businesses owned by Jamie Foxx:

Foxxhole Radio

Foxxhole Radio was a Sirius XM Satellite Radio station that was launched in 2007. Jamie Foxx created the channel with the intention of providing a platform for up-and-coming comedians, as well as established ones, to showcase their talents. The channel featured various shows, including The Jamie Foxx Show, The Claudia Jordan Show, and The Speedy Show. Foxxhole Radio was a huge success and provided a platform for many comedians to launch their careers.

Foxx King Entertainment

Foxx King Entertainment is a production company founded by Jamie Foxx in 2005. The company produces films, television shows, and music. Foxx King Entertainment has been involved in the production of several successful projects, including the hit TV show, “In Living Color,” and the films “Django Unchained” and “Ray.” Foxx King Entertainment has also worked with several major recording artists, including Kanye West and Lil Wayne.

Beat Shazam

Beat Shazam is a game show that first aired in 2017. Jamie Foxx is the host and executive producer of the show. The show features contestants competing to identify songs playing on the app Shazam for a chance to win a cash prize. The show has been a success and has helped to establish Jamie Foxx as a popular game show host.

Privé Revaux

Privé Revaux is a sunglasses brand co-founded by Jamie Foxx in 2017. The brand offers high-quality, stylish sunglasses at an affordable price point. The brand has become popular among fashion-conscious consumers and has been worn by many celebrities. Privé Revaux has expanded to include prescription glasses and blue light glasses as well.

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