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47years of acting, and never taken GH₵1000 or more – Mama Jane

Ghanaian veteran actress, Mama Jane, may have given some insights into why old-time actors and actresses face financial difficulties later in life. According to her, no movie producer has ever paid her GH₵1000 or more.

During an interview with KingdomPlusFM, Mama Jane revealed the financial fraud that most producers commit against her. She disclosed that despite the success of these films, she is still given peanuts for her services.

“I have been acting for 47 years, but I have never received GH₵1,000. I swear unto God and everything I believe in. it has never happened. I ask, but they don’t give it to me. Everyone who knows me knows how well I act.”

Mama Jane recounted how her highest-paid role (GH₵900) came about after hustling on a movie set. She said, “It was from Erico from Koforidua, the producer of ‘Atta Watchman’. We went to shoot another movie, Tsikata is Innocent. The film featured Fred Amugi, Ekow Smith, Emmanuel Armah and others. He used six male stars, making me the only female star.

“So when we finished, I charged Gh800. And he said, Mama, you spent a week here. Whatever food we give you, that’s what you eat. You don’t get upset, even when we run behind schedule. So take this GH₵100 as compensation. And that’s how I received GH₵900. But as for a GH₵1000, I have never been paid such an amount,” she continued.

According to Mama Jane, her regular paycheck usually doesn’t exceed Gh700. “GH₵900, once. GH₵800, thrice. The rest are GH₵500, GH₵600, GH₵700. Some even offer to pay GH₵200. But I’m not bothered because we have to look forward to seeking God, and all things would be added to us,” Mama Jane concluded.

By Grace Somuah-Annan|3news.com

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