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Self Interest And Greed Is Holding Ghana Music Back – Sony Achiba

Legendary Ghanaian Hiplife Musician Sony Achiba has advised Ghanaian musicians to humble themselves and learn from Nigerians on how to make an impact in the international market.

Sony Achiba who has been in the United Kingdom for the past 17 years believes that Nigerians are out there grabbing opportunities for their music and entertainment industry as a whole but we aren’t.

He thinks that, due to the respect and humbleness of this Nigerian musicians, they are able to connect themselves to the international market easily.

“When one Nigerian gets an opportunity, he makes sure he connects everyone to it because they Nigerians believe in togetherness unlike the Ghanaian music industry where everyone is doing their own thing and are scared to connect their fellow musicians to the table of opportunities because of self interest and greed.”

Sony stressed by suggesting that, Since some of the A list Ghanaian musician are close to the A list Nigerian musicians, they should try and learn a thing or two from the Nigerians just so they better their way of pushing Ghanaian music industry to the international market.

He believes that, the current musicians are doing good music so if they push a bit more harder, they industry will get to where every Ghanaian musician wants it.

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