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Afenyo Markin Dodges Tik Tok MP Adwoa Safo

Afenyo Markin

The successor of the Member of Parliament (MP) of Dome-Kwabenya, Sarah Adwoa Safo in the parliamentary leadership, Deputy Majority Leader Alexander Kwamina Afenyo-Markin has refused to speak on the raging issue regarding his position in Parliament involving his fellow prodigal lawmaker.

He ignored questions for information involving the Tik Tok MP, Adwoa Safo by using the rule which applies to questions but not answers.

Speaking on Wednesday on PM Express, a political talk show on Joy News TV on the Electronic Transaction Levy commonly called E-levy where he was asked about the whereabouts of the Dome-Kwabenya MP which he categorically stated that ‘I won’t discuss her.”

Adwoa Safo had floated the kite that her return to parliament is anchored on appointing her deputy Majority Leader the same position Afenyo Markin is holding.

Again, the host demanded to know whether Adwoa Safo forms part of the number of Majority side but the Efutu MP rubbished the question aside by reiterating his stand that “I’m not discussing her.”

Stressing further, the host reframed the question in a bid to know the opinion of the Deputy Majority Leader on the comment by the General Secretary of the NPP, John Boadu that Adwoa Safo’s absence in the House is affecting government business but Afenyo Markin once again refused to talk about Adwoa Safo by saying “I’m not discussing her.”

As if that was not enough, the host pushed further to know whether the absence of Adwoa Safo was worrying the Efutu MP but he quickly responded once that “I rely on my earlier answer” that he will not discuss her.

When he was pushed to make comment on Adwoa Safo since some members of NPP discuss her openly, Afenyo-Markin stood to his ground that he will not talk about the former Deputy Majority Leader stating that ‘I rely on my earlier answer.”

He however noted that the party is engaging to get the E-levy bill through.

The host wanted to know whether the engagement include Adwoa Safo, which the Efutu MP insisted that “we’re engaging. Evans we’re engaging.”

He refused to comment when asked about his opinion on Adwoa Safo demands that she should be handed over the Deputy Majority Leader job, Afenyo-Markin categorically stated that ‘I don’t want to comment on that matter,” responding that he has not heard that.

“I have not heard it. No, I have not. I am not supposed to hear everything,” he said.

Interestingly, when the host told him that Kennedy Agyapong, Assin Central MP made that disclosure, the Efutu MP said he wants to validate it before he can respond to it since he has no idea about that and wanted that discussion shift from there to other matters.

Finally, when the host asked him whether it will interest him to get all members of the Majority Caucus on board to push government business, Afenyo-Markin said “I’ve done cross examination for over 13 years. I’ve practiced in the court rooms all these years. Yesterday I was at the Supreme Court, today I went to court. I’ve put people in the witness box and I do what I can do. So don’t put me in the box.Don’t put me in your box, I’ll get out of your box.”

Source: Daily Guide

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