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Afia Schwarzenegger mocks Ayisha Modi in new video

Afia Schwarzenegger

Ayisha Modi and Afia Schwarzenegger do not meet eye-to-eye. Their feud which has been put on hold is believed to possibly be rekindled over the latter’s attempt to drag the talent manager’s name in the mud.

Afia in a sarcastic TikTok video called on Ghanaians to celebrate the life of her rival, Ayisha, who she indicated loves to take credit for every assistance she offers her friends.

Ayisha Modi was showered with accolades at the beginning of Afia’s viral video only for her to switch up and tease Ayisha, naming her as the only woman present when God was creating the universe.

“See, we ought to celebrate those who have lived a good life. Don’t put dirt on such people. Ayisha Modi has done enough, Nana Hemaa has done enough. You guys claim she talks too much, do you have any idea of all her good deeds to people?

“Ayisha Modi was the one who switched on the light when God said ‘Let there be light’. She is the same woman who handed the rod over to Moses to split the Red Sea…this same Ayisha formed the popular NDC slogan ‘Eye Zu, Eye Za’…she also paid for the studio where Ghana’s national anthem was recorded,” she mocked.

The video captioned, “The good works of Ayisa Modi” has received tons of reactions from fans of Afia Schwarzenegger.

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