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Agyinasare prays for Sam George after NDC primaries victory

Sam George

It was an all-enticing scene at the Perez Chapel International on Sunday, May 21, 2023, as head pastor of the church, Bishop Agyinasare led congregants to pray for Ningo-Prampram Member of Parliament, Sam Nartey George after his re-election to represent his constituency in the 2024 general elections.

One of the main reasons for the prayer, according to the man of God, was Sam George’s aptitude to stand up against LGBTQ+ in Ghana.

“Congregation, we are about to pray for Hon Sam George. He must win the election itself too. You see, he’s set his face up the leader of the team pursuing the bill for the LGBTQ and the devil is breaking loose,” Charles Agyinasare said.

The man of God mentioned that Ghana has a lot of challenges that have not been solved yet, therefore adding the issue of homosexuality can destroy the country more.

“Already when it rains, our streets are flooded; are we going to add this abomination that never helped any nation? So, we need to pray for him. Forget about party stuff. You are doing this because you are a believer and we stand for the principles of the kingdom,” the man of God stated.

Below is the prayer of Agyinasare for Sam George;

“Heavenly Father, we commit your son into your hands; we ask that as your son has declared his stand for you, around the world, we’ve seen interviews on CNN, he’s had interviews with BBC, Dutch Television and all around the world, he has declared a stand for you that he will defend this nation against this LGBTQAA+.

Lord, we know it’s a spiritual battle and so we ask that you cover him and we ask that any tongue that shall rise against him, we condemn, and any assignment on his children and family, we cancel.

Every agreement of witches and wizards, we neutralize in the name of Jesus. We commit him into your hands. Lord as he prepares for the upcoming election, you who did this for him, do that also for him; that everybody will know you will not disappoint us.

We pray for his team that you will cover his team and that even those who don’t know him will love him. Your word says if a man has a relationship with you even his enemies get appeased with him.

Those who hated the sound of his voice, those who hated to see his face, let him find favour with them. Let people who used to smite him, let them begin to love him.

Glorify your name in his life in Jesus’ name we call it done, Amen.”

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