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Details of how Asantewaa’s husband barged into a hotel room after ‘sex with manager’ tip-off


Cassious, the manager for Ghanaian Tik Toker Asantewaa, has confirmed rumours that the actor’s husband once barge in on them at a hotel where they were working.

Earlier in an interview with Kwaku Manu, Asantewaa said her husband once came to a hotel where she was working with her manager upon a tip-off.

“One time, someone gave hint to my husband that I was in a hotel with my manager. The good thing is that I had already informed him that I was with my manager and when he came to see for himself, he found me where I said I was…all that matters is trust,” she disclosed.

Touching on the subject while sharing his side of the story, Cassious said Asantewaa’s husband arrived at the hotel that day, thoroughly brainwashed.

He established that the informant who gave Asantewaa’s husband the tip-off, also told him that he (Cassious) is a big-time ritualist.

In essence, Asantewaa’s husband hurried to the hotel that day to confirm the cheating claims and also to save his wife from being used for money rituals.

“I was working with Asantewaa in a hotel, checking scenes when her husband barged into the room. He said he had a tip-off that I am sleeping with his wife in a hotel. The person told Asantewaa’s husband that I am a ritualist and that if he doesn’t arrive there on time, I will kill his wife. If something had happened to Asantewaa while we were in the hotel that day, I would have been in trouble by now,” he stated in an interview with Kwaku Manu.

He added, there were back-to-back frustrations just to get him fed up with managing the popular Tik Toker.

“People were doing all they could to separate us. People tried to stop us from working together. People tried to get me fed up, tired!” he added.

To add to his frustrations, Cassious also recalled an instance where some other artistes he was managing joined the train of people persecuting him over Asantewaa.

“There was even confusion in my camp because of Asantewaa. Other artistes I was handling complained that I had given all my attention to her so they all left. They had a whole meeting and said things about me and Asantewaa,” he stated.

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