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Dont Stress About Belly Fat: 8 Amazing Reasons To Love Your Belly

Our wonderful bellies that our bodies use for signals in so many aspects. Our bellies send us messages when we’re hungry, excited, nervous and joyous. No matter how big or small, hard or soft, our bellies are pretty awesome.

So without further ado, here are 8 reasons to love your belly:

1. It can be used as a pillow for someone you like

Having someone you like rest their head on your belly feels awesome. It is intimate and feels nice and we’ll bet anything with anyone that says otherwise!

2. It provides a home for delicious food and drinks

Whether you’re into salads, steaks, chocolate, wine (or all of the aforementioned), your belly gives a home to all of it. How great is that?

3. Because a baby can grow inside it

It’s sensational. The fact that female bellies are capable of producing life is pretty darn miraculous.

4. Sometimes it can tell you what to do

Have you ever listened to your belly? Often times it’ll tell you what to do in tricky situations. If ever in doubt of something, big or small, try focusing on what your belly tries to tell you.

5. It can balance all kinds of stuff

Your laptop, iPhone and maybe even a bowl of liquorice. Your belly can pretty much hold up anything you want it to! *Challenge accepted!*

6. It helps you carry heavy stuff

With this one we aren’t talking about babies. If you’ve ever gone to the grocery store to pick up milk, eggs, laundry detergent and 2 litres of sparkling water and then bought a plastic bag to carry it all in, you know what we’re talking about. Your belly helps your arms out when that bag breaks and you have to carry the whole shabang home balancing on your belly between your arms.

7. It keeps you strong and healthy

About 80% of your immune system resides in your stomach. It is the front line of defense against illness so your belly is literally keeping you strong and healthy.

8. Because it is uniquely yours

All bellies are different. There are round ones, flat ones and muscular ones. But there’s only one like yours. Your whole body is truly unique and full of experience.

Flat bellies, soft bellies, beer bellies and bloated bellies. Our bellies change over time. They change from hour to hour. The BELLIES poster celebrates all bellies because beauty takes many forms.

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