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Efya overdosed on drugs at the Ghana@66 concert in the London – Insider


A source from London has claimed that a Ghanaian female musician who was billed to perform at Ghana @ 66 concert showed signs of withdrawal symptoms due to intake of drugs.

According to the insider, the withdrawal symptom wasn’t the only thing off the said musician adding that when she mounted the stage it could clearly be seen that she was high on drugs during her performance.

This was shared by a renowned music producer Fred Kyei Mensah who however failed to mention the name of the female artiste involved.

His post reads: “STAY AWAY FROM DRUGS. Some friends who attended yesterday’s Ghana at 66 show in London, are telling me that, a female artiste from Ghana who was part of the performance, was in a complete mess with drugs.

“My information alleged that, she had withdrawal symptoms during the dress rehearsals and before the real performance, she was overdosed. Details soon. I apologize for my inability to bring you my usual Sunday hymns. God willing, i will be back next week Sunday,”

Though Fredyma was careful not to mention the name of anyone, people who have come across his post are suggesting that the female artiste in question is no other than songstress Efya.

According to them, Efya is known to be doing drugs and recently Blakk Rasta spoke about it saying the songstress has allowed drugs to ruin her beautiful career.

And judging from the fact that she performed at the event on the said day, then she is the one being referred to as been overdosed on drugs.

See some comments below:

Daniel Kwaku Dadson: “I think the issue shouldn’t be an attack on her person but a call on her handlers to find immediate help. Why is she performing on platforms in this condition? Why is her management not prioritising her future above immediate financial gains? #EfyaNeedsHelp Let’s not allow such a talent go to waste.”

Somua Somua: “We know her..? People who know her mum, should talk to her to take her to the rehab”

Justice Kojo Snr: I don’t know who gave you this info but Efya performed like she always does Efya is always high so to me she didn’t sound drugged out”.

Mhizz Naa: “I had an argument with a lady friend of hers right on here…and it’s was abt this same drug addiction…. apparently the friend too is innit?????….wish I can tag her but am not ready for her inzolts???”

Manuel Amoako: “I once met her at the airport and when she approached me to enquire about the whereabout of my boss I was walking with,I could clearly deduce from her actions that she was highly dazed in drugs before coming to the airport and I really felt bad seeing her in that state”

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