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Former SRC President eyes Damongo MCE appointment

As the president of the republic prepares to exercise his constitutional duty of appointing competent men and women to manage the affairs of the various MMDAs, a former SRC President of the University of Education, Winneba; Mr. Kadiri A Rahman, a native of the West Gonja Municipality has Joined the race for the MCE appointment of the Municipality.

Mr. Rahman is a young man of thirty-eight (38) years and a graduate of the University of Education Winneba. During his time at the university, he had the privilege of serving as the unified SRC president and a member of governing council of the University where he acquired immense experience in administration and human relations.

The former SRC president is a grassroots party person, a former polling station executive, a former constituency deputy youth organizer, and currently a regional and Constituency communications member of the party. His communication prowess can not be underestimated. He is one of the few NPP communicators who held the media to ransom during the campaign period in the Constituency.

Some polling station executives believe Rahman has the necessary wherewithal and exposure to balance the official duties of an MCE and also manage the expectations of party folks diligently to consolidate the gains as a government.

Mr. Rahman commands national respect and recognition from top party hierarchy and senior government officials owing to his dedicated service to the party. It, therefore, came as no surprise when during the vetting of the current Savannah Regional Minister; Hon Jibril Saeed, the deputy majority leader Hon Alexander Afenyo Markin described Mr. Rahman as “Spiritus Invictus” and encouraged the leadership of the party to take care of him.

One of his friends who happens to be an Electoral Area Coordinator for NPP said, “I met Rahman 14 years ago during our days as students at Teacher Training College. We met at the District Assembly to discuss sponsorship for Teacher Training students, Rahman’s clarity of thought and his passion for humanity made me fell in love with him.
I later realized he was an NPP member and our friendship grew to brotherhood”. “I believe Rahman will be one of the best MCE if he is appointed”.

Speaking to a section of the youth in Damongo, most of them are of a firm belief that Mr. Rahman will be the best MCE because he is a religious scholar and a God-fearing person. Some say he is affable, reflective, hardworking, and peace-loving. They believe Rahman’s interpersonal relationship with all and sundry in the District will bring peace and harmony.

Speaking to Rahman, he said he had acquired immense exposure and experience as a former polling station secretary, a former constituency deputy youth organizer, a former student leader, and as a public servant which he believes will be of great value to the newly inaugurated Damongo municipality, in its pursuit of achieving the goals, objectives, and vision of progress and prosperity as clearly articulated by the president and the NPP manifesto for the good people of Ghana.

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