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Gov’t to tackle gold scammers

The National Assay laboratory system has been digitalized to enable the the Bank of Ghana, the Ghana Revenue Authority and the Ministry of Finance receive real time data on the export of gold.

The national Assay laboratory system is run by the National Assayer, the Precious Minerals Marketing Company (PMMC), which has the mandate to assay all precious minerals earmarked for export, in Accra on Wednesday, March 2, 2022

Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia said during the launch that “As you are aware, Government is already transforming the governance of various sectors of Ghana’s economy through digitization. Government’s digitization drive is a key component of the overall economic strategy because the Fourth Industrial Revolution is upon us and Ghana must take advantage of it if we are not to be left behind.”

He added “Under the leadership of our indefatigable Minister Honurable Samuel Abu Jinapor and driven by the current board and managing director, Nana Akwesi Awuah, the National Assay programme was digitalized, certificate which have unique security features. These unique features make the certificate difficult to forge by gold scammers to facilitate their GBL Schemes.

“Digitalization has now made it possible to monitor in real time gold export passing through the Assay Laboratory. What we have been shown here visibly tells you how important and how informative this whole digitalization process is because it provides data in real time.

“Additionally, it has improved collation of the data on gold export figures and revenues in order to aid national economic planning. I remember when I used to work at the Bank of Ghana, waiting for data on gold export and it wasn’t as timely and so you had to be taking decisions on the basis on projections but today, with Bank of Ghana being able to access, the governor will be able to sit down and look at it and say 10 O’clock this is how much has been exported.

“Of course the president will also have access to the data, the Minister of Finance will also have access to the data , the Commissioner General of the GRA will also have access to the data and yours truly will also have access to the data.. so we will be able to tell how it is going and I think this is just a remarkable fete for Ghana.”

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