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‘Grow up’ – Movie director slams Shatta Wale over controversial tweet against Stonebwoy fans

Shatta Wale

Movie director, Sammy Rasta, has asked dancehall artiste Shatta Wale to grow up and stop making unnecessary comments about other artistes in the music industry.

Sammy made the call after Shatta Wale’s tweet about Stonebwoy’s new album, “5th Dimension,” which he said contained both positive and negative comments.

Speaking in an interview with TV XYZ on May 3, 2023, he said that while Shatta Wale’s call on his fans not to trash Stonebwoy’s album was positive, he went on to insult his fans by suggesting that they lacked the sense to stop comparing the two.

5th Dimension, Stonebwoy’s 17th track album, he has tried hard, and when you listen to the kind of songs on the album, very beautiful. So, after the release of the Album, I sighted a tweet by the almighty Shatta Wale, to me the tweet is in two ways, there is a positive side to the tweet but I think that some part that he included was needless.

“He said ‘No SM fans should trash Stonebwoy album, then he continued that if his (Stonebwoy’s) fans don’t have the sense to stop the comparison leave them’. I don’t remember Stonebwoy posting your album launch so there wouldn’t have been any problem if you also don’t post his,” he said.

Sammy questioned the motive behind Shatta Wale’s comments, asking if he was trying to promote Stonebwoy’s album or instigate his fans to attack Stonebwoy’s fans.

“But whereby you start to insult Stonebwyoy’s fans that they don’t have sense and they want to start the comparison. Which comparison are we talking about here? Are you in this case trying to promote the album or you are trying to instigate your fans to attack Stonebwoy fans, at this moment that we are supposed to celebrate one thing, and that is the Stonebwoys album.

According to him, such unnecessary comments were not needed at a time when the focus should be on celebrating Stonebwoy’s album.

He added that if Shatta Wale wanted his fans to support Stonebwoy’s album, he should tell them to do so and not make inflammatory statements that could cause division in the industry.

He called on Shatta Wale to grow up and desist from making comments that could harm the industry’s progress.

“If you want your fans to support Stonebwoy’s album, tell them…all these things are unnecessary, I think that Shatta should grow up…you know someone will say that he just wants to fit in the conversation now but is it the way forward for Ghana music?” he asked.

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