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I blame my first boyfriend for my failure in life – Mama Jane

Ghanaian actress Mama Jane has blamed her failure in life on her first boyfriend.

According to her, growing up she wanted to be a Judge or a Secretary; a dream she was working so hard to achieve.

She said after Junior High School, she had a boyfriend but after their first-ever sexual encounter, she got pregnant.

Mama Jane said her mother who was heartbroken by the news of her pregnancy subjected her to beatings all the time and in order to leave the shame, she run away from home.

The veteran actress said she could not realize her dream of becoming a Judge as a result of her pregnancy and subsequent leaving of her home.

“I blame my first boyfriend who got me pregnant for not achieving my dreams. I always wanted to be a Judge of Secretary but that dream hit a snag when I got pregnant after JSS. Death has already taken him away. I got pregnant the first day we had a sexual encounter,” she said.

The actress indicated that although she has a love for acting, the industry hasn’t been fair to her with regard to wages.

She said she has not been paid up to GHC1,000 since she started her career; a worrying feature of the movie industry.

However, she has no plans of quitting the movie indicating that even when she dies, movie directors have the right to use her body to shoot a movie.

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