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I was fined heavily, sued for sampling ‘Efa Wo Ho B3n’ – E.L


Elom Adablah, popularly known as E.L., has disclosed how he was heavily fined for sampling the ‘Efa Wo Ho B3n’ choral song.

Speaking on his new single, ‘Chop Life’, which also has a catchy phrase, the Ghanaian singer said street jargon does not belong to anyone.

“I’m not sure that using such words in my song can get me into trouble but the one which got me into trouble was when I used Efa Wo Ho B3n in my song. That one they sued me and I had to pay some heavy block but it has made me learn my lesson so with the lines that I used in my Chop Life song as for that one yawa no go come,” he told Amansan Krakye in an interview.

“As for the ‘chop life’, it is our street rhymes that I used in my song so it doesn’t really belong to anybody and my mum is a Ga native woman,” he added.

He said, growing up, nobody held anyone uncountable for using street jargon until recently.

“So I feel I’m entitled to use some of our jargon and our street anthem in my songs and it’s something we grew up singing but nobody came to hold anybody’s neck.”

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