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I was told to forget music if I’m scared of sex – Ohemaa Dadao

Ohemaa Dadoa at Obaatanpa Radio

Female rapper Ohemaa Dadao has revealed that a huge figure in the music industry who wanted to take advantage of her to her told to forget music if she is scared of sex.

According to the “Level Up” hitmaker, the music industry in Ghana is biased toward the female gender and also difficult when it comes to getting a manager or management.

She emphasized that, the women in the game are either looked down upon or want to be slept with before they get any assistance.

Speaking on the Obaatanpa Radio’s Akwaaba Entertainment Friday, Ohemaa said she has parted ways with her previous manager on financial grounds and has secured a better deal with a new one. She explained that, the contract with her previous management expired and looking at how things went, signing a new contract would not favor her hence her moving on.

The fast female rapper argued that the award schemes in this country must stop putting male and female rappers in the same category saying “Why do they have best male vocalist and best female vocalist but cannot have best male and female rapper separated? How can people realize how some of us are putting up our best in the rap game if they keep putting we and the guys together? It is not fair”

The Kasoa based rapper assured that she and her management a planning to stage a show in Kasoa to give some upcoming artists the chance to show what they can also do. She said “I grew up in Accra but I attended Senior High in Kasoa, moved out and back to Kasoa again. I am based here now and see here as my home. I owe my Kasoa fans a lot and I’m planning to put a show together for them with support from my management.

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