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“If your partner uses Snapchat, they are cheating on you” – Kafui Danku

Actress Kafui Danku has advised people to stay wary of their partners who use Snapchat.

According to her, there is a high possibility that anyone who uses Snapchat as their major social media platform cheats.

In a video counselling session, Kafui did not only ask people to be on the lookout but also advised that such partners must be entirely avoided.

“If the person you are dating uses Snapchat as their major social media platform, just know that they are cheating on you,” she said.

Snapchat is a preferred social media platform for Gen Zs and millennials because of the confidentiality and secured privacy it offers.

However, Kafui Fanku believes that only cheats who have something to hide use Snapchat so regularly.

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