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I’ll sue the military band if the man I slapped isn’t arrested – Afia Schwarzenegger

Controversial socialite, Afia Schwarzenegger, has threatened to sue the Armed Forces military band if the man she slapped is not arrested.

Condemning the military band for engaging the services of an impostor who misbehaved at her funeral, Afia Schwarzenegger, said she never hired the services of a civilian band for some of these reasons.

It can be recalled that Afia was lambasted after she landed a resounding slap on the cheeks of a young man who attempted to pick monies from the floor.

Afia Schwarzenegger while stating her reasons earlier said, the man in question, forcibly harassed her sister for money which was being sprayed at the funeral grounds.

“You can’t come to a funeral with such uncouth behaviour. My elderly sister who is my father’s daughter was picking money sprayed on me and this man had the guts to squeeze her hands just to take the money from her. How dare you abuse my sister right under my watch. It wasn’t because of the money.”

But touching on the issue for the second time, Afia has promised not to let the issue slide.

Afia said, to prove the extent of her seriousness, she has prompted the military police to take action against the young man or risk being sued.

“He admitted in his interview that he is isn’t a soldier. I also employed the military band. So what’s your business there if you’re not a soldier? Civilians don’t play for the military band. I went to 4bn to employ the services of the Ghana armed forces.

“W/O Agyepong has said not once, twice or three times that they don’t know the man. We had a security briefing before the event which was on Friday but in his interview, he said he started playing the band and picking the monies from Friday. There was no show on Friday.

“There was no wake and the band did not even set up.
On that Friday, there was a security briefing with the Police, Military and the KNUST security of which all these things were discussed. It was agreed that if the band is playing and monies are being sprayed without me dancing, they can keep it. If I’m the one dancing, everyone present can pick some of the money. Now you a total stranger, go on to pick monies. I have lodged a complaint at the military police against him and if he is not arrested, I wIll take the military band to court.”

Afia insisted that the man, in a quest to claim monies picked from the floor, twisted her sister’s arm to the extent that she was screaming out in pain.

“Do I have a deal with you? How do you assault my sister? First I heard her shout ajeei but I thought she was only vibing to the music. When I turned to properly take a look, my sister Akua’s hands were twisted and he was holding it.”

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