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“I’ve been in Europe for 2 years but I’m still poor” – Young African man who sleeps in the bush cries

A young and promising Nigerian man has complained about the difficulties and hardships he is experiencing in Europe two years after leaving his motherland.

In an emotional video, he revealed that after spending two years overseas, he has not yet been successful in landing both an appropriate job and quality housing.

In a video posted online, the man is seen laying down in a handmade wooden tent and claiming to be homeless and sleeps in the wilderness.

He likened his present circumstances with his chances for the future, saying that while he is suffering, no one is aware of him or considering assisting him, but when he succeeds, family members will begin requesting money from him.

He displayed the appalling condition of the location that he and a companion were using as their home and made it clear to the sceptics that he was in Europe and not Africa.

The young man requested for a year to improve his life and expressed hope that he would make money.

He sadly said;

“I have been in Europe for over 2years plus, Homeless, sleeping inside the bush, i am currently very poor and nobody remembers me, but tomorrow if I make money now everybody will start saying I should send them money”

Watch the video below…

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