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Kasoa chiefs express worry over recent bad name tag

The paramount chief of Kasoa, Nai Odupong Awushie Tetteh II has expressed his grave apprehension about the recent happenings in the traditional area which have earned a bad niche for the area.

In a statement read on his behalf at a durbar of chiefs, opinion leaders, and the Municipal Security Council of the Awutu Senya East Municipality held today at the Nai Odupong Awushie Tetteh II durbar grounds, the Spokesperson for Nai Odupong Awushie Tetteh II, Reverend Akotoa Obeng stated that the chiefs and the elders of the traditional area are overwhelmed by the seriousness of crimes perpetrated by unknown faces in Kasoa.

Acknowledging some of the problems that come with being in a cosmopolitan area such as Kasoa, the chief expressed worry of reports of bad incidents he receives almost every day.

He stated that the most unfortunate issue is that many of these atrocious acts are perpetrated by unknown faces who are not easily located. This is a matter of worry to the good people of the municipality since it has created fear and panic in the people, he continued.

Explaining why the case is so, Rev. Akotoa Obeng stated that people have acquired land properties in areas in the traditional area, but when they begin to develop the land, some unidentified group of thugs, popularly called land guards attack and harass them, extorting exorbitant monies from the landowners before leaving them.

He, therefore, called on the security council to as a matter of necessity clamp down on all the activities of these groups of people.

The Municipal Chief Executive and Head of the Municipal Security Council, (MUSEC) of the Awutu Senya East Municipal Assembly, Hon. Michael Essuman Mensah bemoaned why Kasoa is always tagged whenever there is a bad occurrence, even beyond the administrative boundaries of the municipality.

The MCE admitted that even though much effort has been put in place in combating crime, the Assembly is collaborating with other municipal assemblies to see how best they can work together to fight towards a common goal.

Asked whether he has identified some reasons why Kasoa is mostly associated with many bad happenings around the Assembly, Hon. Essuman Mensah admitted that even though most of the issues do not necessarily happen in the municipality, Kasoa has gained notoriety in the past, and for this reason associating the name with any bad incidents around the Assembly makes the media sell their stories easily.

The head of MUSEC however, has assured the residents in the assembly to go about their daily work without fear or panic. According to him, snap checks have been increased, more police posts are coming, and more than fifty (50) police officers are coming to assist the Kasoa Divisional Police Command with the Assembly footing the bills of their feeding and accommodation.

Meanwhile, the Municipal Superintendent of Ghana Immigration Service, Mr. Richard Agyapong has called on the residents of Kasoa, and by extension the public, to report individuals who they know are not from the Assembly to their outfit. He concluded by urging landlords and house owners to report suspected foreigners, especially Nigerians who come to rent their houses to their outfits.


Source: obaatanparadioonline.com

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