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Lapaz Slay Queen Brags About Servicing 45 Guys Within 24 Hours

Lapaz Slay Queen

Over the weekend, this nice young lady posted on Snapchat bragging about how she served 45 guys within 24 hours in Lapaz, a city in Accra.

According to her, A rich guy promised to offer her a huge amount of money if she is able to sleep with not less than 30 men a day with a proof.

The lady, name withheld disclosed on social media that, she managed to sleep with 45 men within 24 hours.

She said there are more than 100 men disturbing her, so since this challenge came to her, she just selected a few who are to close to and gave them the way in just so she can win the prize mentioned to her.

Protection was really key to me so i made all of the men who had the chance with me wore at least 2 comdoms before anything. She said!!!

On strategies she used to get more than the numbers the challenger threw to her, she made it clear that, she took two guys at a time and also she did charge the remaining 15 an amount of money before sleeping with them.

According to her, the 30 didn’t really satisfy her well hence she needed to get full satisfaction and so he had to add the 15 guys.

She is yet to submit the video recording of her actions for her prize.

But as a woman, is this the right channel to go through?

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