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Lynda Ddane finally speaks out after her leaked N#de videos and pics trend online

Lynda Ddane finally speaks out after her alleged N#de videos leaked & trended online.

Over the past one week, celebrated TV presenter Lynda Ddane had been slapped with a nude scare after photos and videos of her intimate moments were released online.

Lynda Ddane, real name Lynda Uwamahoro, loves to keep a low profile and mind her business. It is rare that you will see her name engulfed in controversial issues.

However last Friday, the bubbly deejay and TV presenter was right in the center of it after an unknown person released old videos and photos of her nude.

Via a Twitter handle named ‘@lyndahddanenude’, a yet-to-be-identified person released over 15 intimate videos showing a younger version of Ddane only covered in nightwear

The unidentified tormentor revealed that they have more erotic footage belonging to the TV personality and threatened to leak more of it on TikTok.

“Let’s first leave the Hustle King and Daudi Kabanda saga. I have some interesting nudes of Lynda Ddane of NTV Uganda, NTV The Beat. I will post them on her TikTok account too,” the tweet read on Thursday.

On Friday, the account continued to release the images and video showing a lady believed to be Ddane in bed alone and then with a yet-to-be-identified man.

It is believed that the footage is old and was recorded on Snapchat for intimate reasons. She is not the first celebrity to be involved in a similar saga.

When asked by close friends for a comment on the n#des, Lynda revealed that some one was trying to tarnish her name through old videos


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