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Maid exposed for using her madam’s bags, hair, shoes and wigs to create content on TikTok

A bubbly Nigerian lady working as a domestic worker has been exposed for utilizing her boss’ personal belongings to create mouth-watering content on TikTok.

Apparently, the maidservant sneaks into her employer’s wardrobe in the absence of everyone and jumps on the video-sharing platform to make clips posing as a rich boss lady.

The housekeeper’s sneaky activity online was unraveled by her employer’s daughter, a millennial who is an ardent user of social media.

She merged a series of videos posted online by the maid to show how she overstepped her boundaries and disrespected her mother.

The maid, in the videos joined together, beautified herself with her madam’s dresses, wigs, underwear, shoes, bags and posed in front of the camera to flaunt them.

She went as far as grossly wearing her boss’ pajamas, sports bra and skirt to make jaw-dropping makeovers

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