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‘May You Never Find Sleep’ – MzGee ‘Curses’ Bawumia’s Aide

Gloria Akpene Nyarku-Acquah, known in showbiz as MzGee, has rained curses on an aide to the Vice President, Dr. Gideon Boako, for circulating the audio of Psalm Adjeteyfio, a.k.a. T.T. in which the latter was heard begging for leftovers from her [MzGee] kitchen.

According to her, if Dr. Boako’s intention of circulating the voice note was to gain any political favours, then, “may God show him and his cohorts what it feels like to be put out for ridicule.”

The issue of the ‘Taxi Driver’ TV series actor has dominated the media circles for some time when the latest audio of the veteran actor was heard pleading for leftovers to feed on.

The actor indicated that all those who made promises to support him withdrew after the Vice President sent him GH¢50,000 following a viral video that saw the actor cry for help.

The situation, TT said, has created a lot of problems for him.

“MzGee good afternoon, I’m wondering if you would have some leftovers in your kitchen to spare. [The] reason is, people who use to help have all withdrawn their help when they heard that the Vice President had given me the money. But you would agree with me that [with] such monies, you need to invest wisely and that is what I have done and when you make investments too, it will take time before you begin enjoying it,” the Taxi Driver TV series actor explained.

“Right now, the situation has created a lot of problems for me; you know, a lot of people used to help me a lot but now everybody…I even understood that some people contributed some money in States to be sent to me; the moment they heard [that the Vice President had given me the money] everybody went for his money,” Psalm Adjeteyfio added.

After this voice note sent to MzGee was leaked, many have called out the media personality for making public a voice note which was sent to her in private. She has since denied leaking the voice note to the public.

In a reaction to TT’s latest interview on Okay FM, in which the actor doubted that MzGee will make public the voice note for mischievous reasons, the media personality prayed in a post on her social media pages that she is grateful the actor believes her.

But she stated angrily in the post that, “If Gideon Boako of the veep’s office circulated that voice note sent to him in confidence to aid TT for political gains may God show him and his cohorts what it feels like to put to be out for ridicule! May he never find sleep! May peace elude his home!

“If I serve a God who hears prayers, may their wish for sharing it for political advantage never be accomplished until they do the needful! May my covenant with the altar of the Lord, speak!“

MzGee in the said post had some few words for those who judged her for leaking a private conversation to him and veteran actor.

“For those who already passed their judgment, ridiculed maligned me before and after hearing my side of the story, may men judge you in equal measure and more before you find your voice!” she noted.

“My God has and will never fail me!” she concluded.

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