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McDan Aviation may resume private jet operations soon – Yussif Jajah

A Member of Parliament’s Transport Committee, Yusif Jajah, says McDan Aviation is expected to resume operations at the private jet terminal soon.

He said following a visit to the terminal to assess at first hand the situation that led to the revocation of McDan Aviation’s operation license, last month, the committee believes that the company could soon resume operations after complying with the regulatory instructions from the Ghana Airports Company Limited.

Speaking on Eyewitness News on Wednesday, the Ayawaso North MP said the briefing the committee was given was that McDan needed to undertake some technical changes regarding its signage and also fulfil some financial obligations.

He, however, said the committee was pleased that discussions were ongoing amongst McDan Aviation, the Ghana Airports Company Limited and the Civil Aviation Authority to resolve the issues.

“McDan Aviation has gone to meet with the Ghana Airports Company Limited and the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority to see the way forward. They are in discussion to regularize the signage that is there. And that is the technical aspect, so they are almost through with that,” he said.

“The second issue has to do with the financials. It is a fee that needs to be agreed upon with both parties. They are now discussing it which I believe will soon be over and once it is over, McDan Aviation will have to seal that commitment by paying and if that is done, I think the operation of the terminal will have to commence,” he noted.

Yusif Jajah, had earlier said it will take between one and two years for McDan Aviation to regularize its private jet services at the Kotoka International airport but following the briefing, he believes that it will be sooner than he previously thought.

He said he was eager to see the terminal operationalized soon, as it cannot be left to waste.

“This is something that we can’t just leave. It is a state-of-the-art terminal. So we cannot have such a beautiful edifice and leave it that way without using it. The issues should be sorted so that things can move on,” he said.

McDan Aviation announced the suspension of its private jet operations at Terminal 1 of the Kotoka International Airport to enable the management of the company to hold talks with the Ghana Airport Company Limited over contentions regarding operational procedures.

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