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National Ambulance Service Debunks Claims That Staff Uses Ambulance To Purchase Bags Of Cement

The National Ambulance Service (NAS) has debunked speculation about their staff purchasing and transporting bags of cement with government ambulance as seen in the video gone viral on social media.

On Tuesday 1st of June, a video that captured a group of workers using one of the country’s ambulances as a pickup truck to transport cement bags caught the attention of Ghanaians on social media.

Appalled and saddened by the content of the video, Ghanaians lamented how ambulances purchased by the taxpayers’ money are now being used for different purposes.

The criticism and backlash compelled the National Ambulance Service to look into the matter and have come out with its findings.

According to the National Ambulance Service, the said vehicle with registration number GV -537-20, was sent for repairs of minor faults by the supplier, Service Ghana Autogroup Ltd before it will be received and integrated into the National Ambulance Service fleet.

According to the public relations officer of the National Ambulance Service, Simon Yusif Kawula, explained that a mechanic fixing the minor fault on the vehicle took it for a test run and decided to use it for his private work that involved the packing of the cement.

This sparked a huge debate on social media, with many criticizing the government for failing to ensure that the ambulances are being used appropriately for what they were intended for.

Service Ghana Autogroup Ltd is yet to hand over the ambulance to the National Ambulance Service, it says it wants to inform the general public that the ambulance in the viral video is not part of its fleet.












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