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NPP Internal Election: Charles Onuawonto Bissue Pens Delegates

Dear Delegates,

We’ve commenced yet another cycle of determining the fate of the New Patriotic Party. The internal election is considered the greatest test of our fortitude in tolerating each other irrespective of our conflicting opinion, ethnicity, class etc.

The following week running into months till July 2022, we in the NPP need to prove to Ghanaians how peaceful, united, and above all committed to the democratic development of this country.

Our mistakes from the 2020 internal primaries leading to the general election are duly noted, and we cannot afford to repeat them. We have the power to make it right this time, and that begins now. The election of polling station executives and electoral area coordinators, which shall lead to the election of the constituency, regional and national executives, is being put to a test. It is a test on our conscience in making the right choice in getting deserving, competent, and result-oriented executives for the NPP.

We cannot afford to have the odd clique in the party whose actions cost us [NPP] during the 2020 election. We must purge our leadership of cronyism, disloyalty, hatred, and pave the way for a new NPP which is a strong, transparent and responsive leadership.

Let’s vote wisely and without any unsightly event.

Ghanaians have huge expectations of us [NPP], we cannot afford to disappoint them.
May we transition peacefully through this process for a promising 2024 election. Victory awaits us all.


Charles Onuawonto Bissue

Source: Charles Onuawonto Bissue

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