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Rastafarian, Rasward Nkrabea Expresses Excitement After Son Finally Get Admission To Achimota School

Rasward Nkrabea shows excitement after his son Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea finally got admitted into the Achimota school living his dreams of being in the school.

Rastafarian students, Oheneba Kwaku Nkrabea who was initially denied admission by the Achimota school has reported to school on Thursday (3 June 2021) after the court ruled that the school should admit them.

Nkrabea and Tyron Marhguy sued the school for infringing their fundamental human rights.

The court, in granting the application, held that Achimota School’s refusal to admit Master Marhguy on the grounds that he has dreadlocks amounted to a breach of his fundamental human rights and his right to education.

According to the Rastafarian lawyer, Ras Wayo, the student reported to the school when he served the school authorities with the verdict from the court.

Kwaku Nkrabea’s mother, Mana Mayas, speaking in a video intercepted by obaatanparadioonline.com, upon reaching the school, they were not sure how the reception would be, but they received a loud cheer from the students and a warm welcome from the authorities.

Rasward Nkrabea added that his son has gone through all the formalities and that has made his son happy.











Source: Obaataparadiononline.com

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