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Skills in Harmony: CTVET and Pact for Skills Project collaborate to put Ghana’s Sector Skills Bodies into the spotlight

CTVET and Pact for Skills Project

In a strategic move to amplify awareness about the role played by the Sector Skills Bodies (SSBs) in Ghana, the Commission for Technical and Vocational Education and Training (CTVET) hosted a media engagement event at its premises.

The event, organized in collaboration with GIZ under the Pact for Skills: Support to the Transformation of the TVET System in Ghana, served as a crucial platform to spotlight the significance of SSBs in shaping a skilled and responsive workforce.

The engagement brought together journalists, industry representatives, and SSB leaders to foster a comprehensive understanding of the initiatives undertaken by SSBs and how they contribute to the nation’s economic development.

“As we look to transform our TVET system, it’s crucial to recognize the pivotal role played by Sector Skills Bodies in aligning our training programs with industry needs,” emphasized [CTVET spokesperson]. “Their involvement ensures that our graduates are not only equipped with theoretical knowledge but also possess the practical skills demanded by the workforce.”

Ms. Ramona Simon, representing the German Government, underscored the collaborative efforts to enhance skills development. “Germany has long recognized the critical role that TVET plays in promoting economic growth,” she remarked. “Our investment reflects our commitment to transforming the potential of skills development. By partnering with Ghana, we aim to create a workforce that meets the evolving demands of the global economy.”

Deputy Minister for Education, Hon Gifty Twum Ampofo, stressed the importance of industry involvement in TVET. “To ensure maximum success, we considered it crucial to forge mutually beneficial partnerships with the private sector,” she explained. “Our vision is to bridge the gap between education and industry needs. Through initiatives like Apprenticeship, Curriculum Development, and Skills Gap Analysis, we aim to create a symbiotic relationship that benefits both students and employers.”

“We are committed to making TVET education a global competitor,” emphasized Hon Ampofo. “The government, in collaboration with Germany, has invested $119,000 in completed projects, with an additional €16 million fund under the Austrian government for the upliftment and upgrading of technical institutions. This underscores our commitment to providing state-of-the-art facilities and resources to support skills development.”

Dr. Fred Kyei Asamoah, Director General of CTVET, spoke on sustaining TVET platforms. “If we can have the sector skills bodies support the government, we can continuously sustain our TVET platforms,” he remarked. “The $22 million commitment from the government of Germany and $60 million from the World Bank towards an apprenticeship program is a testament to the global recognition of the importance of TVET in shaping a skilled workforce.”

Madam Constance Swaniker, Chairperson of the Sector Skills Committee, highlighted the importance of agile policies and regulations to keep pace with industry changes. “All the conversation we are having is about creating jobs for young people,” she emphasized. “Our goal is to ensure that our curriculum is not only current but also anticipates industry changes. It shouldn’t be a talk shop; we have to bring down the cost of doing business to facilitate a smooth transition for young people into the workforce.”

Madam Ethel Cofie, CEO and Founder of EDEL Technology Consulting, echoed the concerns of employers. “People come out of school, and they are not very useful to us,” she said. “There are things we need to fix in that process. So what India has done in terms of hi-sense, I think if we follow that path, we will build a good human resource who can work in the industry or build their own companies. One of the things to look at is the license of professional standards; we should make sure that even if a plumber comes to your house, you can check their certification.”

The media engagement session concluded with a panel discussion and a presentation on TVET reforms by Dr. Fred Kyei Asamoah. The event was held at the CTVET Head office on Trinity Avenue in East Legon.

About Pact for Skills: Support to the Transformation of the TVET System in Ghana:

The Pact for Skills: Support to the Transformation of the TVET System is a joint action partnership between the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) and European Union (EU) in cooperation with the Government of Ghana. The near 4-year long project is implemented by Deutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbH in cooperation with the Commission for TVET, Ghana TVET Service, AAMUSTED and other public and private sector partners.

In Ghana, the proportion of secondary school graduates who opt for vocational training could be better. Additionally, women make up only around a quarter of trainees and are severely underrepresented in technical and craft occupations. In 2019, the Government of Ghana initiated a transformation of the TVET sector better known as “Harmonization of TVET”.

In this context, all 218 TVET institutions which were previously spread over 19 different ministries were organized under the umbrella of the Ministry of Education (MoE).

Two agencies were newly established: The Commission for TVET (CTVET) responsible to regulate, promote and administer TVET and the TVET Service (TVETS) responsible to manage, oversee and implement approved national policies and programmes relating to pre-tertiary TVET. These two agencies are, among others, responsible for the expansion of competency-based training (CBT) approaches in Ghana.

Over the years, GIZ on behalf of the German Government supported reform processes through the Ghana Skills Development Initiative (GSDI). The Ghana Pact for Skills: Support to the Transformation of the TVET System in Ghana project is a continuation of the support to the Government of Ghana in this regard.

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