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Ziggy Netteyson

Veteran actor Ziggy Netteyson aka Koo Hia has said that some of his colleagues who were famous during his prime days did not think about what they may become in the future when they finally retire from acting.

According to him, the stardom status was their focus and some of them are now paying the price for that.

Don Ziggy as he is sometimes called, also said some actors refused to be part the Actors’ Guild which affords members the chance to contribute voluntarily towards their pension and this deprives them of any help from the association in their old age or when they are in need.

He made this revelation when he was quizzed on the future of the movie industry on the Obaatanpa Radio’s Entertainment Friday edition of Akwaaba show hosted by Ogboro Naghty.

He pointed illiteracy as one of the key factors contributing to the down fall of the movie industry describing some of the producers as charlatans or mushrooms.

According to him, those who have had some formal training in movie making are doing better and know how to go about things in order not to be found wanting in old age or when things become though.

The “KEJETIA” series actor said some people are refusing to join the Actors’ Guild and The Film Producers Association of Ghana (FIPAG), because they do not want to abide by the rules especially the law that barres paying or collection of monies during auditions. He said the association sanctions members who practice that.

He continued by revealing that, a big umbrella union has been formed called Film Federation of Ghana (FFG) which regulated all film makers and that, the executives will petition the National Film Authority (NFA) set up by the government to go after actors and crew members who do not want to join the federation and other movie related associations and those who are exploiting people through auditions and other ways.

Elaborating on the FFG, he revealed that it has been around for sometime now but has been dominant and that they are working hard to revive it and also get a secretariat which the federation lacks since it was establishment three (3) years ago. It is also financed by World Bank he added.

He finally encouraged Film makers to learn more and practice investment to cater for their future.

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