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Suspected motorbike thief lynched in Kasoa

The victim was stoned to death by a group of angry mob

A suspected motorcycle thief has been beaten to death at Awutu Bereku near Kasoa in the Central Region.

The deceased, who is believed to be a Nigerian was arrested and beaten to death after he attempted to snatch the motorbike he had boarded from its owner.

Speaking with obaatanparadioonline.com, the owner of the motorcycle, Richard Nkansah, who operates a motor transport business, popularly called Okada narrated that the victim hired his services to transport him to a certain location.

Upon reaching a section of the said location the victim jumped off from the moving motorcycle, and poured what looked like pepper spray into his eyes.

According to Richard, his cry and shout from the pains he was suffering drew the attention of some passersby who in turn blew the whistle to attract more people to the scene.

The victim was given a hot chase, and when he was eventually caught, he was beaten with slabs of concrete, stones and clubs until he gave up the ghost.

The victim was stoned to death by a group of angry mob
The victim was stoned to death by a group of angry mob


Some eyewitnesses who spoke with this reporter complained that the incident of motorbikes being snatched from the owners from unsuspecting thieves has been on the rise in the area and its adjoining communities.

According to the eyewitness this hideous crime has been happening in communities such as Awutu Beraku, Gomoa Akoti and its environs for some time now, and any attempt to use legal means to get the perpetrators of such crimes brought to book always proves futile.

However, the Awutu Bereku District Police Command is yet to effect any arrest, but findings by our reporter from the police indicate that investigations into the matter have been launched.


Source: obaatanparadioonline.com

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