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“There’s nothing to be fixed, the system is working…” popular actress reacts to #FixTheCountry brouhaha

Matilda Asare

For well over a week social media platforms, largely Facebook and Twitter have been flooded with a popular hashtag #FixTheCountry, a term many Ghanaians are using to voice out their frustrations about the non-performance of the current New Patriotic Party administration in various sectors of the economy in the country.

The proponents, chiefly celebrities and pressure groups have mounted pressure on the president to fix the country, which is on its knees.

The debate which started as a mere hashtag has generated a heated argument, with some celebrities and pressure groups even calling for a demonstration.

Popular Ghanaian actress, Matilda Asare is the latest celebrity to add her voice to the brouhaha.

According to the vociferous actress who is a strong campaigner for the NPP, the structures in the country are working, and nothing needs to be fixed.

Buttressing her argument, the Kumasi-based actress stressed that since teachers and doctors are not on strike, students go to school, and no one gets away with the law when they are caught breaking it, these are indicators that “the system is actually working”

She however suggested to the proponents of the term to be specific in calling out what exactly needs to be fixed in the country.

Meanwhile, the comments from the popular actress have not sat down well with a section of the Ghanaian community.

Some of them have taken to Twitter to react to the actress’s assertions




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