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Tony Lithur-Led Board Spent GH¢120K On Xmas Decor In 2016 – Adom Otchere To ‘Detractors’

Paul Adom-Otchere, board chairman on the Ghana Airports Company Limited, GACL, has compared Christmas inspiration spending for 2021 to that of 2016.

According to him, while he finds nothing wrong with the said amount, he saw the need to compare the figures because they were done by different boards under different governments.

“In 2016, the spending on Christmas tree inspirations was GH¢120,000, and this was at just one terminal. And 2016 is significant because we understand that some of the people who are raising concerns are animated by politics and they are animated therefore by the political positions they take.

“That is why we go back to 2016 because it was a different political arrangement we all know that, December 2016, this is what happened, the Christmas inspirations 126,000 was spent 5 years ago…” he submitted in an editorial on Tuesday, January 12, edition of his biweekly show, Good Evening Ghana.

“You can calculate the rate of inflation and see even if we are spending the same rate, how much it would have been today. In 2021, GH¢128,366 is the total amount of money that was spent on two terminals; terminal 2 and terminal 3,” he further explained.

In 2016, the Board Chair of the GACL was Tony Lithur, a lawyer for former President John Dramani Mahama.


Paul Adom-Otchere, the Board Chairman of the Ghana Airport Company, refuted allegations that the company bought four Christmas trees at GH¢84,000 during the Yuletide.

In a Facebook post, the host of Good Evening Ghana indicated that the claims are untrue and insisted the company rather bought the trees at GH¢34,000 and also at a “heavy discount”.

“The beautiful Christmas tree standing at Terminal 3 and 3 others altogether cost GH¢34,000, which was graciously provided by Jandel Limited at a heavy discount. (We thank Jandel Limited).

“The other inspirations were provided by Favors and Arts for a total cost of GH¢84,000 out of which GH¢50,000 was obtained via sponsorship,” he said.

Paul Adom Otchere further rejected claims that the staff of the company haven’t been paid their December salaries.

“All salaries and or bonuses due to staff for December have been paid.” He also said claims that invoices for the trees were issued in his name are also untrue.

“It is ridiculous for anyone to say that the invoices from these two reputable companies were issued in the name of the Board Chairman, that just means the author of such spurious allegations has insufficient acquaintance with corporate workings,” his post stated.

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