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Ukraine shoots down 5 Russian jets and helicopter


Ukrainian military has said that they’ve shot down five Russian jets and helicopters in the eastern region, as Russian troops moved into the neighbouring country’s territories.

This is coming after President Valdimir Putin of Russia announced a special military operation in the European country.

Ukraine’s Command of Joint Forces said on Thursday February 24;


“On Feb. 24, 5 aircraft and an aggressor helicopter were shot down near the area of the Joint Forces.

“The Joint Forces give a worthy rebuff to the armed forces of the Russian Federation.

“Keep calm and believe in Ukrainian defenders. Let’s win together!”


The command also said that Ukraine’s military units are keeping their positions as “the enemy suffers losses.”

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy Thursday February 24, announced martial law across the country as Russian troops entered the border and hit targets around the capital Kyiv.

“Explosions were heard in many cities of Ukraine. We are declaring martial law across the country,” Zelenskyy said.

According to reports, a wounded woman was seen as Russian airstrike damaged an apartment complex outside the northeast Kharkiv city.

Ukraine’s border guard agency also said the Russian military attacked the country from neighbouring Belarus.

Earlier, news agency Reuters had reported that Russia had relocated 10 Sukhoi Su-24 bombers based in Crimea from the annexed peninsula to reserve air bases elsewhere as part of training exercises, citing the Interfax news agency.

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