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Which Payment Methods Are Particularly Popular In Online Casinos?

As numerous as the range of different games in online casinos is, the range of payment options should also be as diverse. The higher the offer of payment methods, the more reputable the casino is in most cases.

Every user of an online casino has different wishes and needs. Not only because the games are concerned, but also the way you want to play. The demands and habits are different. The simplest ways are bank or credit card transfers. When paying by credit card, a distinction is made between payment by debit card – in which case the amount is debited directly from the account, or by traditional credit card. The corresponding amount is debited from the account on a certain day of the month. The bank advances the money, so to speak. If the credit card is used for payment in online casinos, it may be that some credit card manufacturers and also the online casinos themselves charge fees. If you do not want the Mastercard Casino to show on the bank statement to whom the credit card payment goes, then you should refrain from this payment method and make the payment using an e-wallet or mobile payment system. Here, the payment is made anonymously.

E-wallets are electronic wallets. If you have to make a payment, the money is sent to your own e-wallet and from there on to the casino. Completely anonymous and fast. Another advantage is that the amounts are available immediately and no fees are charged. Paypal, among others, works according to this principle. A mobile payment system works similarly to payment via e-wallet. However, you need an iOS or Mac end device for it. A separate account is created that is linked to your credit card and now and then also to your Paypal account at the same time.

Another option for payment at online casinos is Sofortüberweisung. Here you are directly connected to the online banking of your bank and can make the transfer. There are no fees involved. The clear advantage is that the money in a very short time already lands on the account of the casino. The disadvantage is again that the transfer is visible on the bank statement. The payment runs through an intermediary – usually Klarna or Giro-Pay – a guarantee that no fraud is operated and the money really arrives at the right account.

The latest trend of payment is payment by cryptocurrency. Users do not have to identify themselves when making transactions. The network is not controlled and therefore the payment is discreet. For this very reason, most online casinos are designed for payment using this method.

Another method of anonymous payment in online casinos is a Paysafecard. This is available in stores and tobacconists and represents a kind of voucher. A certain amount can be booked on the card and by entering the code listed on the card, the payment can be made and nothing stands in the way of online gaming fun trying new casino sites on wetten.com.

All these methods are suitable for making deposits. However, not all variants are designed to make withdrawals as well. Of course, the different methods can be combined with each other for deposits and withdrawals. Here, too, you must be aware that not every variant guarantees anonymity on the account statement.

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