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Wife divorces her husband because his manhood is too small

A Ghanaian wife has sought divorce from her hardworking and caring husband because his manhood is too small and also suffers from premature ejaculation.

During an appearance on Oyerepa FM’s Aunty Naa show, the woman admitted that her husband is very hardworking and kind but his small-sized manhood as well as his premature ejaculation has marred their beautiful marriage.

She additionally confessed that her husband has built a house for her and their kids and also provided all their needs but unfortunately, he cannot make her happy in bed hence the reason behind her divorce from him.

Unlike her ex-lover whom she dated for 6 years but didn’t marry her, he had a fat and long ‘banana’ that filled her entire vajayjay anytime they had intercourse and fully satisfied her in the process.

Sadly, the heartbroken man remained speechless throughout the interview while his ex-wife Atwima Mansah seriously disgraced him to the entire world despite sharing two kids with her.

Watch the video below to know more…

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