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Wife divorces husband for hiding in toilet during robbery incident


A Nigerian woman named Asiata Oladejo has taken her husband, Abidemi, to court seeking a divorce due to his actions during a robbery attack. According to Asiata, during the robbery, her husband fled the scene and hid in the toilet, leaving her and their children to face the traumatic experience alone at the hands of the criminals.

Asiata explained to the Customary Court in Ibadan, Oyo State, that she is still in shock from her husband’s actions and considers him unreliable in difficult times, leading her to make the decision to divorce him.

During the court proceedings, Asiata recounted the night of the robbery when the thieves arrived at around 1 am. Her husband was nowhere to be found, and she later discovered that he had hidden in the toilet. He only emerged after the robbers had left, leaving her and the children vulnerable and scared.

The presiding judge, M. Akintayo, granted custody of the three children to Asiata, as he believed she was in a better position to take care of them. Both Asiata and Abidemi were ordered to be responsible for the education and welfare of the children. Additionally, Abidemi was directed to pay a monthly feeding allowance of N20,000 for the children’s upkeep.

The judge also issued a restraining order against Asiata, prohibiting her from threatening, harassing, or interfering in Abidemi’s private life. The court’s decision marks the end of their marriage, with Asiata granted custody of the children and Abidemi required to fulfill his financial responsibilities towards them.

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