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Wives, Your Husband Is The Boss, Don’t Provoke Them – Duncan-Williams

Wives must not fight or challenge their husbands since God gave authority to men as the head of the family, Archbishop Nicholas Duncan-Williams has said.

According to the cleric, the job of wives is submitting to the Lord through their husbands.

In his second sermon on Sunday, 27 February 2022 titled: ‘How to unlock the supernatural with your prayers’, the founder of Action Chapel International (ACI) said: “…And wives, don’t provoke your husbands; don’t fight them”.

“Your assignment in his life is not to be a challenger to rebuke him and to correct him”, he advised.

“Your job is to submit to the Lord through him and if he’s not listening, don’t worry yourself; go to his head, for Christ is the head of the man [and] the man is the head of the wife”.

“So, if he’s not listening, don’t argue with him; just go to his head; appeal to his head; his head will deal with him well well. And that is spirituality”, he noted.

In his view, “trying to argue with him and trying to challenge him and trying to get him to listen to you is not going to help”, explaining: “You’ll rather provoke him, make him angry and the fact of the matter is that authority was given to the man, everything else was given to the woman but the authority was given to the man”.

“So, he has the authority”, Archbishop Duncan-Williams stressed, noting: “He can rebel, he can choose to do the wrong thing just because you have decided to challenge him; he’ll prove to you that he has the authority; and, at the end of the day, it will hurt him, hurt you, hurt the children, hurt the whole family”.

“So, there’s no need to engage him”, he emphasized, insisting: “Don’t engage him. Leave him alone. Just go above him to his head and say: ‘Boss, you are the head of this head you’ve put over me; he’s misbehaving. Please, can you fix him for me? Please, fix this man. Show him you’re the real boss and not him!’ Simple”.

“God will deal with him well well, and next time when you speak he’ll listen”, Archbishop Duncan-Williams said.

“But we don’t have the patience. We just want to fix it. Don’t do that”, he said.

Source: class fm

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