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Your wife has divorced you; Insider disgraces Brother Sammy

Last weekend, self-acclaimed nation worshipper Brother Sammy dropped a very shocking revelation during his appearance on UTV’s United Showbiz program.

According to Brother Sammy, his estranged wife has accused him of trying to use her for spiritual sacrifice hence he can never have sexual intercourse with her again.

He emotionally continued that, one of his boys blatantly lied to his wife that he was changing ladies’ like diapers while she was admitted at the hospital receiving treatment.

After Brother Sammy dropped these wild assertions, many Ghanaians most especially his die-hard fans brutally descended on his wife for listening to the false narrative of home wrecker.

Amidst the brouhaha, one of Brother Sammy‘s wife’s besties has taken to the internet to drop some juicy details about the whole saga.

According to this lady who is also abroad just like Brother Sammy’s wife, the gospel musician should man up and tell the whole world the truth.

On her authority, Brother Sammy’s wife divorced him about 4 months ago and she has even sent back his (Schnapps & other drinks) to his family.

She continued that Brother Sammy has been begging for forgiveness for the past 4 months now but his wife has refused to accept him back hence he wants to garner public sympathy by tarnishing his wife’s image.

Listen to the fast trending audio below to know more…

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