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Fella Makafui reveals Shatta Wale saved her from attempting suicide

Fella Makafui

Actress Fella Makafui has revealed that she learnt to ignore detractors on social media after one such incident put her in a depressive state.

Speaking in an interview on 3FM, she revealed that she nearly attempted suicide some years ago after a sex tape was leaked.

Fella Makafui noted that although she was not the one in the video as the public was led to believe, the opinions of others at the time affected her so much she did not check the video’s authenticity.

Narrating how she came to find out about the tape, she said that “my manager called me and said ‘Precious I know you can’t do this but I want you to be honest with me. There’s a tape out there, is it of you?’ And I said ‘what?? Where? Never!’ So I told myself I didn’t think I can take it anymore.”

Fella Makafui added that although she was shown the video, she was taken aback by the news and only noticed she looked like the girl in question and nothing else.

“I was just so much concerned about what people were saying about me. But then I thought to myself, I haven’t down that, this is not true so why is it spreading,” she explained.

Fella Makafui credited Shatta Wale for saving her from attempting suicide and for standing by her and defending her amid the controversy.

“I was so messed up, I cried so much. At around 11 pm, Shatta called saying ‘Mummy, mummy forget, forget’ and then he sent me the link.

“Apparently, it’s a couple on Twitter that shoot those videos and the girl had a tattoo on her back. And I didn’t even see that because I was so much into what people were saying about me,” she said.

Fella Makafui added “If Shatta hadn’t sent the link, I’d have believed it and killed myself. If you remember he came on social media and blasted people then shared the link to confirm that I wasn’t the victim.”

The actress said that she has learnt to not listen or read about people’s opinions of her on social media since the incident.

“They don’t know me, they can’t judge me and I’m not going to let them decide or dictate what to do or what not to do,” she added.

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