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Police inspector who killed girlfriend has mental health issue – New report

Police inspector Ahmed Twumasi, who killed his girlfriend, Maadwoa, by shooting her multiple times, is suspected of having mental health issues.

The Executive Director of the African Center for Security and Counterterrorism, Emmanuel Mawanye Kotin, believes the severity of the police work was the reason for his uncontrollable action.

The expert stressed that many police officers do not seek therapy and help, and thus many of them, including Ahmed Twuamsi, may have been battling with serious mental health issues.

Mr. Kotin believes that, unless he had a mental breakdown, he would not understand why a man in his right mind would shoot and kill his girlfriend.

Speaking on TV3, Mr. Kotin said, “This is a mental health issue.”

Meanwhile, the suspect, Ahemd Twumasi, made an appearance in court today, where, among other things, he said he murdered his girlfriend for owning him GHc5,000.

He is scheduled to reappear on Tuesday, May 30.

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